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GTM:  Trading Execution Workbench (TEW)

The Trading Execution Workbench allows to create automatically subsequent documents individually and in groups, as well to combine single process steps into one process step. For example, for a direct business from the supplier to the customer, with booking the suppliers delivery the TEW could directly create the outgoing delivery to the customer and create in addition the sales invoice within one step.

The process steps and groups of process steps are free to define and not given fixed. For the users the handling of the SAP system will become much more comfortable and more simple. The amount of different transaction codes or menu entries can be reduced to handle the business.

Especially to create all subsequent documents of a trading contract it is just the number of this TC needed, and not a number of any subsequent document. This also simplifies the handling of the system and gives the user an additional benefit. The document number of the TC can also be used as reference of all print outs as well in accounting and controlling, what makes a business more clear and transparent. This last issue is independent of the usage of the TEW.

GTM:  Trading Execution Workbench