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GTM X1 = Extended GTM Version 1

As mentioned earlier, SAP Global Trade Management is not intended as an already finished solution.
Very many user requirements must be developed in addition within an implentation project, because there are no possibilities for settings in the standard customizing of GTM. Althaugh GTM makes his subsequent documents in SD and MM, there are not the same existing possibilities for settings directly in GTM. This should be better now with GTM X1!

Also GTM X1 is not an already finished ready to use product or software solution for your business! However, we go with GTM X1 already more clearly into this direction!

GTM X1 is a template for a faster implentation of SAP GTM and it based on the features of SAP GTM and it integrates the possibilities of SD, MM, FI and TRM. It takes advantage of the capabilities of GTM also with using of TEW (Trading Execution Workbench), Association and Expense Management. It's conducting the experiences of many and various GTM projects, mainly because many reqierements were repeating there very often.

With SAP GTM the purchase and sales will be supported very good, not just for trading companies.
Mit GTM X1 also your processes will be simplified considerably. For example just 2 transactions are needed for most processes. While this is already planned with GTM and using TEW by SAP, GTM X1 is performing this in a consequent way.

GTM X1 extends SAP GTM and blends in with its own customizing into the SAP standard for many functions. It provides many pre-configured processes that can be used directly or as a template. A rough overview of the features of GTM X1 is listed below.

GTM X1 is designed to simplify the implentation and application of SAP GTM and not to replace it!

Important: GTM X1 is not an already finshed product and also not a ready to use solution and therefore it bounds as well as SAP GTM to an implementation project!

GTM X1:  Customizing


Extract of the features of GTM X1:

  • own customizing

  • extension of configuration of contract types and item categories

  • template screens for additional data in the trading contract on header level, item level and contract overview

  • customizing for flexible control of the additional screens

  • extended control function for item quantities

  • extended copy function of logistic documents into tranding contracts (references, e.a. invoices)

  • linking of subsequence process chains the originally purchase of goods (e.a. customs clearance, goods movements, subcontracting,...)

  • transfering pricing conditions / condition values from the purchase and their subsequent dosuments into the sale dosuments at association

  • initial inventory posting

  • stock segments

  • stock transfers and inventory adjustments

  • availability check within the trading contract analog in sales order of SD

  • stock requierement checkings and transfers

  • simulation of credit checks / transfering credit status from sales order

  • credit check on vendor side

  • handling and processing of deposits and advanced payments in purchase and sales documents with status control

  • converting of purchase requisitions into purchase contracts in GTM by using disposition

  • creation of trading contracts on purchase sides with reference to a purchase requisition

  • subcontraction with stock handling

  • stock transfer order with single and two step processing

  • customs clearance order with inventory postings in single and two step processing

  • own freight and transport management within GTM (Execution- and Parcel Account)

  • extended expense management in most of all document types

  • direct link of partner and and other business data to condition types in calculation (pricing procedures) for provision and freights...

  • own pricing screen with extended contents (partner data, payment terms,...)

  • extended document flow