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Thomas Werdelmann

Welcome at GTE - Global Trade Expert!

My name is Thomas Werdelmann.

I am working successfull as an IT consultant for more than 30 years, more than 17 years of those as SAP consultant.

I would like to consult und support you also within your SAP projects!

As a logistics SAP consultant and project manager using GTM, GTS, TSW, SD, MM, LO-AB and LES I worked successfully in many projects. Early I specialized as GTM consultant as well as GTS consultant.

My good experiences in SAP consulting and development, as well in project management, I present to your disposal. My services includes also education, workshops and support for these SAP modules.


My clients are national and international companies of nearly all industries and in special for trading.

The last couple of years I mainly concentrated on customers' project for implementation of SAP GTM (SAP Global Trade Management) and SAP GTS (Global Trade Services).
Therefore specific requirements of trading like "Washouts", "Circles", etc. are not unknown to me. The same for calculation, handling and settlement of expenses (Expense Management), linking of sales and purchase processes (Association), or automate and control of follow-up steps and processes (using TEW, Trading Execution Workbench).

Many requirements within GTM projects repeat themselves and are not covert by the SAP GTM standard.
Therefore I developed together with my team the solution template "GTM X1" for the implementation of SAP GTM. With this it is possible to save substantial project time and, of course, money!

GTM and GTS are often mixed by many people. Therefore I have created a small description of the two modules for you.
Both is fully integrated into SAP GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) to support your business while respecting important regulations and to avoid risks.

In foreign trade business SAP GTS can help to meet the ever-changing legislations. Even at creation of a trade transaction it can be checked, if this business is right legally and what documents are required by the authorities, if necessary. Embargo inspections, regulatory control of the import and export, customs clearance, transit, print the necessary commercial documents or electronic communication with the customs authorities, and preference processing are just a few points of the scope of SAP GTS.

In the logistics and also in trading you have to plan and organize very often the transports of the goods. Within my projects in the IS-Oil environment I learned very early about another SAP module as solution for the transport management, the Traders Scheduling Workbench (TSW). GTM and TSW are a very good combination as solution for your business processes within SAP.

In addition you have to manage very often businesses for third parties in the logistics, for example for agents provisions or other services. For this you can use another SAP component, the Agency Business (LO-AB). Also this component can be included for a good benefit into SAP GTM.

For further information about me, the services I offer, my projects and, GTM, GTM X1 and GTS please refer to the respective menu items.

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Thomas Werdelmann