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GTS = Global Trade Services

Global Trade Services helps the company in foreign trade, to comply the often changing international regulations. Customs clearance and the foreign trade processes are efficiently supported by GTS. SAP GTS works fine with the modules SD, MM and GTM and all their subsequent documents within SAP ERP. But SAP GTS can also used with Non-SAP-systems. The causing documents within ERP can be blocked by GTS until all checks within GTS were positive or released manually. For doing the tests the necessary master data and also document data are exchanged between ERP and GTS. In SAP ERP there was already a foreign trade handling in SD and MM, but this was more for reporting of Intrastat and Extrastat. This will not enhanced anymore by SAP, because they focus now on SAP GTS.

The GTS consist four main components:

GTS:  4 elemnts

  • SAP Compliance Management
    With SAP Compliance Management you can monitor all transactions of import and export of goods, and so comply with the legacy laws the entire process chain without any gaps. A central key is the observance of boycott lists, embargo checks, and import and export controls, which can all fully integrated into an already existing systems.

  • SAP Customs Management
    Customs related processes are handled by the SAP Customs Management, what is certified by the Customs. Key points are the product classification, customs valuation, the print out of foreign trade documents and not least the IT-based customs clearance, using a electronic communication with the customs. The electronic ATLAS system (automated tarif and local customs system), as well the european transit process NCTS (new computerised transit system) are supported by SAP GTS. This is for all exporting companies even more important, because the usage of ATLAS is obligatory since 01.07.2009 in Germany!
    But even more automated customs clearance systems in Europe, USA and Australia are supported by SAP GTS and has been certified already.

  • SAP Risk Management
    With SAP Risk Management the finacial risks for the company can be minimized. The use and handling of preferences (including preference calculation), export refunds, letter of credit for import and export business are supported by SAP GTS.

  • SAP Electronic Compliance Reporting
    With SAP Electronic Compliance Reporting the GTS supports the statistical reports to the authorities, which must be delivered for an inner european trade. Depending for the country's authorithy, the data are provided in accordance to their specified data formats.

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